dyna med molle pouch gunshot trauma kit with quikclot combat gauze in Algeria

PREMIUM IFAK Gunshot Trauma & Bleeding MOLLE Kit w/ Entry ...

PREMIUM IFAK Gunshot Trauma & Bleeding MOLLE Kit w/ Entry-Exit Wound Supplies ... This pouch includes a limited lifetime warranty from Lightning X. THE KIT: NAR Combat Application Tourniquet (), 4″ x 4″ Burn Dressing, NAR Hyfin Vent Chest Seal Twin Pack (2 Chest Seals), 2″ x 4.5yd Rolled Gauze, 7.5″ Trauma Shears (Black), Israeli ...

Military Trauma Kits | First Responder Medical Gear

This everyday first aid kit features antiseptic wipes, gauze pads, an instant ice pack, multiple types of bandages and more. This first aid kit is Molle System compatible and is available in 5 different medic pouch colors. Each medic and first responder must have a tourniquet in their trauma kit.

: Lightning X Premium IFAK/Gunshot Trauma ...

The Gear You Need to Survive This emergency kit is packed with high-quality survival gear and first aid supplies to treat a range of urgent wounds and injuries in the field, including gunshot wounds and bleeding control. Our first aid kit includes a genuine NAR (North American Rescue) Combat Application Tourniquet (), NAR Burntec Dressing and a NAR Hyfin Chest Seal.

Practical Trauma™ Enhanced Gunshot Wound/Trauma Kit

The difference between this kit and our other Gunshot Wound Kits is that this kit contains two packages of Quikclot Combat Gauze LE, a Combat Application Tourniquet (), which is designed to be self-applied, and a Velcro/Molle adapter. The Enhanced Gunshot Wound Trauma Kit is contained in a nylon Molle style Medic bag so it can be easily ...

Dyna Med Gunshot Trauma Kit | IFAK Pouches

Dyna Med Gunshot Trauma Kit. The Dyna Med Gunshot Trauma Kit keeps you from standing by helplessly while a victim bleeds out. Just reach for this trauma medical kit containing everything you need to stem arterial or venous trauma.

Dyna Med Medical Kits | BLS, ALS, Trauma & First Aid Kits

Galls carries a full line of medical kits including BLS & ALS kits, first responder kits, tactical trauma kits, first aid kits, blood pressure kits & more from Dyna Med.

Practical Trauma™ Gunshot Wound Kit

The Gunshot Wound Kit is like a medical version of a fire extinguisher. It's designed to treat Life Threatening Traumatic Emergencies such as gunshot and knife wounds which could become fatal prior to the arrival of EMS in 5 to 15 minutes.. This is an excellent kit to be used at a shooting range or anywhere firearms are present or a gunshot wound is possible.

Dyna Med MOLLE Pouch Gunshot Trauma Kit w/ QuikClot Gauze

Dyna Med MOLLE Pouch Gunshot Trauma Kit with QuikClot Combat Gauze. Now you can save some of the 50,000 Americans who die each year of severe bleeding injuries before medical help arrives. Combat Gauze™ stops arterial and venous bleeding in seconds!

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The Tactical Gunshot Wound Kit is identical to our Gunshot Wound Kit, but contained in a nylon Molle style Medic bag so it can be easily carried in a shooting bag, duty bag, on a belt or attached to any Molle type system.The optional Velcro/Molle Adapter allows this Kit or any Molle style item to be attached to a surface with Industrial Strength Velcro or attach more securely to a duty belt.

EMI Emergency Tactical Response Gunshot Kit - MOLLE Pouch

Quick Clot quickly forms a powerful clot that can be easily applied to yourself or to others. The gunshot/trauma kit comes in either a 6"x 6" Molle Pouch or in an EMI Emergency Response Holster (#680). The kit is a true lifesaver and a must have in tactical/medical emergencies. The TACMED Gunshot/ Trauma Kit Includes: 1 - Quick Clot -25g Sponge