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This round is specifically designed for the new compact 380's by Kel-Tec, Ruger, Kahr, DE, and Tauru … read more. 30th Dec 2020 BarKochba Botach. DoubleTap 40 S&W 165GR JHP Ammunition 20 Rounds. Doubletap has rapidly gained a reputation for powerful, reliable and accurate ammunition. ...


One of the best backpacks I have ever owned. Get compliments on it all the time and it was out there way before shoulder/sling packs became En Vogue. Suited for almost all my endeavors be it a hike in Yosemite or grabbing a six-pack at the beer store. I liked it in particular when on my motorcycle since I could access it while driving.

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Monadnock Double Cuff Restraints. $7.39 - $9.59 Monadnock Training Equipment 4-Color Escalation Trauma Chart. $43.59 - $61.39 ... Safariland Flex-Cuf® $22.95 ASP Tri-Fold Training Restraint, 6-Pack, Red. $21.59 ASP Tri-Fold Restraints, 6 Pack. $25.50 ASP Scarab Cutters for Removing Tri-Fold Restraint. $19.59 - $174.59 Monadnock Double Cuff ...

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Basket Weave Handcuff Handcuff Model Handcuff Holder Peerless Model 700 Black Leather Handcuff Safariland Handcuff Double Handcuff Bianchi Handcuff Handcuff 1 Handcuff 2 Smith Wesson Cuffs Handcuff Case Police Duty Single Handcuff Peerless Handcuff Handcuff Pouch Handcuff Cuff Smith And Wesson Handcuff Asp Handcuff Handcuff Case Black Peerless ...

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UK Prison Service exclusively use PR-24 (Monadnock, USA) side handled baton. COPEX 92 - Offices in Washington, Halifax (Canada), Riyadh, Kuwait City. COPEX 91 - CDS has won some of the worlds largest contracts in Riot Control equipment & associate training. Major consultant with Saudi Arabia advising on defence & internal security matters.

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Monadnock Double Cuff Disposable Restraints Package of 10 Disposable Double Cuff restraints are a lightweight and effective, temporary tool with two individual cuffs for controlling both wrists and ankles .

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Monadnock double cuffs have a tensile strength of more than 300lbs. They are about 34" long and 1/2" wide. If needed, subject information can easily be written onto the restraint. Monadnock double cuff restraints are an effective tool to be used in controlling both wrist and ankle movement if needed.

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ASP Tri-Fold Rings 6/Pack Clearance. ASP. $5.10 Tri-Fold Rings are light, strong and reusable. ... The 4ZERO cuff is made from a high-performance polymer, designed to function without breaking in any environmental condition encountered. ... for ultra-compact storage on a belt or vest. When deployed, they provide wide open loops for fast and ...

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the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff; a formal interservice agency of the government, headed by a Chairman (ChJCS), consisting of the heads of the U.S. Armed Forces, established in 1942 [Combined Chiefs of Staff (CCoS)] as the principal military ADVISORs to the (then) Secretary of War, restructured by the Uniformed Services Act of 1947 and the Defense Reorganization Act of 1958.

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Winchester Model 1892 .25-20 WCF (Double Trigger) This is the "Fancy Sporting Rifle" version of the 1892 special ordered with a double set trigger. Barrel Length:24" Model:Fancy 1892 Caliber/Gauge:.25-20 Type:Lever Action Rifle Serial Number:298219 Manufacturer:Winchester Condition:Fine Importer:...

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Jan 01, 2009· Monadnock 1-800-258-5492 ... Nylon restraints include the Double Cuff or the single cuff, and can withstand more than 450 lbs. of resistance. ... Available in six-pack Actives with six-head positions and three-pack Swimmers with three-head positions. Honker Shells feature four head positions and are available in a 2 pack.


Compact version of Double Cuff restraints; User friendly and easy to carry and store; Ideal backup to steel handcuffs; can be carried in pocket, briefcase, glove compartment, etc. Available in quantities of 3 with an included Safety Cutter™

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Monadnock Compact Double Cuff (6 Pack) Compact Double Cuffs are user friendly, easy to carry and store. They're an ideal alternative to steel handcuffs and can be carried in your back pocket, briefcase, glove compartment, etc. Monadnock Compact Double Cuff 6 Pack …

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Disposable Compact Double Cuff TM restraints are a lightweight and effective tool for controlling both wrists and ankles. It has a tensile strength of more than 400 lbs. and provides ample space on its 1/2 in. (1.27 cm) width to write down subject information.

Monadnock 4202/BULK Double Cuff Training Restraints (100 Pack)

Monadnock 4202/BULK Double Cuff Training Restraints (100 Pack) For training only, cuffs do not lock and can be reused!There are two individual cuffs rather than the standard single strap (cuff). Gives an officer the ability to control a suspect after one cuff is placed on the suspect's wrist/forearm. 1/2" wide plastic strap so it will not cut into a suspect's wrist.

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Disposable Double Cuff restraints are a lightweight and effective, temporary tool with two individual cuffs for controlling both wrists and ankles. Made of Super Tuff nylon, the Double Cuff has a tensile strength of more than 300 lbs. and provides ample space on its 1/2 in. width to write down subject information.

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BlackHawk Duty Cuff Pouch Black 50HC00BK $21.45 $20.59 ... Galco Six Pack Double Rifle Cartridge Carrying Case $98.00 (Save 20%) $78.40 3 models Tac Shield Compact Zipper Utility Molle Pouch (1) As Low As $29.89

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>>2955779 Their fielding in Iraq and Afghanistan caused a surge of popularity in the civilian sector again for a few years especially in the area of fancy-ass stocks. Military M14's aren't quite so accurate as most people imagine them so companies made the fancy stocks to …

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Galco Six Pack Double Rifle Cartridge Carrying Case $98.00 (Save 20%) $78.40 ... 4 models Gould & Goodrich K86 Open Top Cuff Case As Low As ... Bianchi 7911 Covered Compact Light Pouch - Hi-Gloss, Brass 22390 $40.00 (Save $1.01) $38.99

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7311 Compact Light Pouch • 3 sizes fit most compact lights • Hook and loop or hidden snap closure • Dual belt loop fits 2" (50mm) & 2.25" (58mm) PATENTED 7307 OC/Mace Spray Pouch